Chicago born and raised Sean Nelson forges the radiant, furious sounds of SHIVASTEP. Slowing the city's manic rhythms and bouncing 808s to a narcotic crawl, he then wretches transcendent melody from the shards of disassembled pop culture. Fragments of footwork, grime, trance and dirty hip hop slur in and out of focus. The music twists and shifts between the familiar and the strange. A new form emerges from the ashes of the old. This is SHIVASTEP.

Both self taught and classically trained in a multitude of instruments, Sean has a ravenous thirst for music and experimentation which has seen him exploring music in every style from Beethoven piano sonatas to Beatles pop genius to Burial's dark cityscapes. Finally settling on electronic instrumentation (808s, analog synths and samplers) it is his relentless quest to write affecting melody and to use his vast knowledge of musical style and form to push the boundaries of song structure and composition. In melding the visceral pulse of dance music, the melodic gratification of a pop song and the experimental dismissal of genre, the music becomes his drug, his catharsis and the listener is brought along on the thrilling journey.