On the surface, MICROPHONIES can be described as dripping with sarcasm, a cultural meat grinder in the form of verse/chorus/bridge/chorus, a 4-by-4 music project where the visceral responds to the music and the music responds to the visceral. Over the course of two years, Sam Farfsing has flattened, designed, printed, mastered, polished, streamlined, digitized, downloaded, emailed, and marginalized these abstract ideas into MICROPHONIES.

At an early stage, Sam found himself involved with the art, design, and music making of his own projects, as well as those of other artists. Sam utilized both visual and aural facets, fire-jumping between styles and genres - from the early noise band Unk-Cegi, to the indie-folk project Bananacorn, to his most polished project, the post-punk band Hello Fever, which released two records on Sound Virus in 2005. From 2000 to 2004 Sam attended CalArts further pursuing the visual ideas and iconography of popular culture. His growing fascination with the visual and the auditory pushed Sam to start MICROPHONIES as a concept, not a band - a group of pieces based on the flux of what has become mass entertainment.

Fed up with the flakes and the drugs addicts, Sam feels (but is not sold on the idea) that going solo is the best way to make these pieces come to life. Audible and visceral outputs act in symbiotic but opposing parallels, left and right struggling to become a way of storytelling for Sam. MICROPHONIES takes sides in the high-low, micro-macro, mini-mega, dance-rock, electronic-analog, now-then, east-west, and young-old. At this point, Sam is an American, LA, and NYC-based artist going wherever the work is, and wherever his art will lead him.